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Supporting SAHP's

A Social Enterprise

Why we do it.

Many SAHP have the time, skills, knowledge, and drive to thrive in business. Unfortunately many mums aren't supported in the flexibility they require to work around their families. We provide a safe supportive environment for SAHP to continue to work throughout early parenthood, keep their skills and work life going, and receive support, ongoing training, and professional development.

We aim to provide our team with a fun, caring workplace and understand if their little one is in the background. Our team are DRIVEN and want to work. They provide their deliverables on time to a high standard.

Affordable service

Supporting you

Do you have a problem you need fixing? Do you not have enough time to do all the little things? We can help! Social Media Management, Marketing, PR, Web Design, Project Management, HR, Administrative Assistant, Invoicing. You name it!

SAHP's for Businesses.

We're here to work.

Studies have shown that mums of young kids are highly skilled in multitasking, planning, and producing larger outputs of work in shorter periods of time. Our mums WANT to work. They are driven and will put their all into your projects.

The Team

Who are we?!

Currently the team consists of Jordanna Davis (CEO & Founder). 

We have also supported three mums in the workforce; Amy (pictured), Sally, and Amie. We are always looking for the next SAHP that needs support and provide all training required. 

Jordanna is highly skilled in Project Management (Certified Agile Practitioner, Diploma in PM, Diploma in Project Complexities, + 3 years experience). She has also worked in Administration for 11 years and has a Cert IV in Business Administration. Jordanna has worked in Marketing for 13 years, and holds a Cert III in Media Marketing, and has a degree in Environmental Science. She also holds a 'day job' as a consultant.

Amy is our wonderful FIRST employed mum. She is also part of our Mothers Hub Social Enterprise Mentorship Program. So far Amy has worked for Michaela Hall Communications in PR work, undertook a social media marketing campaign for Tikvahs Bakery, and frequently works with Flazeda Hub. Amy also undertook training on Outkast Tattoos social media. Amy is currently off spending time with her four wonderful children.

Amie is one of our wonderful team who managed all work packages with The Elite Collective. She is highly skilled in media, marketing, web design, and administration. Amie is currently on Maternity leave for her third baby. 

Whats on offer?


Get in touch! Our packages will depend on the service you are after. We provide administration, data entry, social media management, marketing, content creation, events, PR, project management, website design, & more!